Relevant Data and Insights At Your Fingertips

Patternchain autonomously acquires knowledge and makes it available for you

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Cutting-edge Machine Learning

Patternchain runs on top of lifelong machine learning algorithms, autonomously mining thousands of sources and analyzing millions of sentences daily.

Actionable Insights

Our platform deals with tons of data daily and yet we understand only a fraction of it is valuable to customers. We have a team passionate about business catering only knowledge that matters.

Easy Data Access

We used our own API to develop Excel and Google Sheets Add-ins and Tableau / Power BI Connectors for customers who needed to access and manipulate data right away.

Check out Patternchain API Documentation

API beyond Interoperability

At Patternchain we believe endpoints must address business needs other than simply making plain data interoperable.

Sentiment Score

Calculated based on what is written on Social Media by distinct, relevant audiences over time.

Scalability Index

Express how likely an early stage startup is to scale more rapidly than its competitors.

News Relevance

Built to define relevance of news articles or social media posts to a public company.

Virality Factor

Understand how likely a news article or social media post is to influence investors decision making.

Google Sheets Add-on

Easy access to data via Google Sheets. Check out Patternchain out-of-the-box functions.

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